SJ Personal Healthcare Advocates has worked with numerous clients over the years since its founding. Please see below for what some of our many clients had to say about our services.
After surgery I was faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills from my doctor. My doctor did submit his invoice to insurance but kept getting denied for various reasons. I heard of SJ Personal Healthcare Advocates through a friend of mine who was also a client. SJPHA took on the case and stayed the course for close to one year. I was able to get back close to $15,000.
Sarah R.
Having found SJ Personal Healthcare Advocates has been a life saver and money saver!!! I have two sons’ that require therapy and SJPHA coordinates everything for me. From reaching out to the therapists to obtaining invoices, to submission, to tracking, they do it all. They have found numerous issues on a monthly basis. The service does truly pay for itself.
Rebekah N.
I needed to extend COBRA as my prior employer had great insurance benefits. I was getting the run around when trying to get the paperwork in order. It took hours to get nowhere. I met Scott at a presentation he hosted. I hired him to help. We had the appointment and within two weeks I received the letter I needed and I was able to extend COBRA.
Peggy R.
I was faced with hundreds of thousands of dollars in denied medical bills. I tried everything I could to have them covered by insurance to no avail. I was introduced to Scott by an associate of mine. Immediately he went to work on the appeals. He consulted with my child’s current and past treating physicians/therapists and put together a successful appeal. My claims were then processed saving me a great deal of money. SJPHA stayed on the case to ensure future issues did not arise and when they did he was able to appeal or negotiate with providers/therapists to again save me a great deal of money. SJPHA has taken a tremendous burden off my shoulders allowing me to focus on caring for my child.
Ira G.
As a Special Education Attorney, I am well versed with the daily challenges my clients face when it comes to health insurance reimbursement. SJ Personal Healthcare Advocates is the company I trust to handle these insurance related matters for my clients. They take great care of my clients and I am happy to have found them.
Staci G – Attorney
As a therapist for children with special needs, I have to wear two hats, first is of course the therapy I provide and the second is having to work with my clients to obtain health insurance coverage. It is very time consuming and challenging. Each insurer and plan is different. I regularly consult with SJ Personal Healthcare Advocates to ensure my clients are receiving maximum reimbursement for services pursuant to their plan.
Shannon F. – Therapist
As a Trust and Estate Attorney for special needs individuals, I am always being asked about State Programs and health insurance matters. I met Scott Leshin through a professional organization and was very impressed with his background and how SJ Personal Healthcare Advocates started. The same dedication he gives to his son he too gives to his clients. I am glad that there is a resource in NJ that can help my clients with these very time consuming and frustrating issues.
Lori W – Attorney